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The First 'Done With You' Media & Marketing System That Positions You As The Celebrity Expert® In Your Field, Makes Selling Your Services Effortless And Renders Your Competition Obsolete!
"Greg has a real ability to make you feel comfortable on camera.

I came to the studio to help get our company’s message out there. I feel like there’s a starvation for content, and I didn’t really know where to start producing content or know how to do it and Greg's Snackable System made it really easy.

We’re always looking for a leg up and the content derived from working with Ambitious and will definitely give us a leg up in our industry."
-Rick Allen, Real Estate Investor
Here's Everything You Can Expect As A Member Of
The Virtual Video Producer
Phase 1: We Tell You What Snackable Videos To Create Every Single Month
  • Never Worry About What Videos You Should Be Filming Again - The biggest roadblock to filming videos for social media is thinking of something great to talk about. We have taken the guesswork out of this for you by giving you 10 video ideas and concepts to choose from every single month.
  • New Ideas Done For You Every Month - On the first of the month, every month, we send you a new set of ideas and video topics so you always stay fresh and have something to talk about, no matter what industry you are in.
Phase 2: We Show You Exactly How To Outline Your Videos So You Know Exactly What To Say
  • See My Personal Outlines Of Every Video Idea - Using our Ambitious Video Planner (that we send you when you become a member), you'll see how I outline every idea myself so you can quickly outline your own videos. This stops you from overthinking and gives you an example to get you started.
  • Watch Sample Videos For Every Single Topic ​- Every month I film myself answering every question and going through each video topic, using the outline from the Ambitious Video Planner, so you can see how a video is put together, start to finish. The goal isn't to mimic and copy me, but rather to see how to go from idea to finished video in just minutes. 
Phase 3: We Edit Your Videos Into Our 3 Signature Snackable Styles
  • Square Videos ​- Perfect for Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn, these videos combine a signature look with scroll stopping headlines and captions to ensure everyone pays attention to you and your message
  • Vertical Videos - Perfect for IGTV and Instagram Stories these tall videos will make you stand out from every selfie-video and give you an edge against your competition
  • Wide Videos - Perfect for YouTube and Twitter, these traditional wide videos will look great and deliver a punch and a call to action to get your viewers back to your landing page and into your funnel
  • Then we send you all the videos for approval and once approved you can instantly get them online and put the Snackable Branding System to work, driving you views, leads and clients every day.
Phase 4: We Give You Support & Coaching To Turn Your Snackable Video Posts Into Profits
  • Get Access To The Snackable Branding System - I don't want to just send you videos every month and not give you the gameplan to turn video posts into profits. I want you to know exactly what to do with your videos and how we are using them to generate new clients for us every day. Get instant access to our flagship course when you join the Virtual Video Producer today ($997 Value)
  • Elite Level Coaching - Have a question? Need someone to look over your videos, your posts and your ads? Need help crafting your offer? Conversions need to increase? Get personal coaching from Greg in the Virtual Video Prodcer through the Greg Rollett Inner Circle (more details below)
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-Mark Gardner, Financial Advisor and host, Your Money Matters
You know when you think about a person and you say to yourself I like that person- “It’s because either they like you so then it makes it easier for you to like them back or They make you feel comfortable in their presence!” In my case working with Greg it was both!!

Greg and his team were behind me 100% and all I had to do is be me. 

Forget about feeling like a fish out of water and feeling like you are making the biggest fool of yourself in the world. Greg helped me overcome my overthinking and feeling of awkwardness that you will have to be able to say a full thought without looking at your notes as a crutch. 

I could not have had a better experience and if you want to help yourself and get recognized a “Top Expert in your Field” there is not a better group to work with you then theirs.

This Entire System Is Based On Our Snackable Branding Methodology
And As Part Of The Virtual Video Producer, You Are Getting Full Access To Our Flagship Training Program
The Snackable Branding System
This course is my life's work. It combines everything we have done to help our clients over the past decade to build their brands and businesses using media and marketing. 

I invited some of my top clients into the studio to be there "live" as I taught this and you get to bear witness to everything that was said. 

Nothing was held back and every single business owner who was in attendance, most very successful 6-7 figure earners left with profound insights into who they are and how they are going to continue to present a strong-hold in their markets. 

You get to benefit and go through this Masterclass on your own, in your Greg Rollett Inner Circle App and have those same "lightbulbs" go off for you and have absolute clarity on what you need to do to grow your brand and your business to live an ambitious life. 
In this first module you will discover the 3 biggest things that are stopping you from exploding with success and sales today. These are the 3 things that were stopping us and all of our clients from breaking out and making the impact and the income they desire. Once you know these 3 major challenges you can quickly and easily overcome them using what I am going to teach you in this program.
These 2 words have meant more to me and my clients than any other 2 words. Constancy and consistency. 

Too many business owners and entrepreneurs give up too easily. They get distracted by shiny objects. Those who are hitting and exceeding their goals and living their ambitious life today are the ones that stick with it, and show up day in and day out. In this module you'll discover why these 2 words are the foundation for your success and how to ensure you stick with your game plan and continue to move forward in good times and in bad. 
This is your new road map. Your game plan. If you want to know the exact process and system that business owners like you are using right now to build their audiences, turn those audiences into prospects and have those prospects calling you to work together, you must watch this module right away. 
Every month we create more than 500 snackable videos for ourselves and our clients. But what in the world is a snackable video and why is this the best type of media for you as a business owner to create right now?

Find out in this module and discover how easy it is to create influential videos and grow your brand and your profits one snackable bite at a time.
There are 2 major reasons you don't have enough clients right now. 

1. Not enough people know who you are. 
2. Even if they know who you are they don't know what you do. 

This one simple exercise in this module will help you overcome those 2 obstacles immediately and break you free from the trap that holds too many great business owners back from building a business that powers their life.
In this module you will see Greg workshop The Who and The What with each of the attendees of the Snackable Branding Seminar. You'll see the common mistakes you might be making when going through the exercise and will leave this module knowing exactly who you want to be known to and what you want to be known for. 

This one module alone is worth the admission fee for this training.
Now that you understand the system, you know what snackables are and you know what videos to create for your who, how do you create them?

How do you come up with ideas and concepts that build your brand and bring you prospects? 

Greg will walk you through how to do this step-by-step so you will always have fresh snackable content ideas and more importantly a proven plan to get them filmed every week so they start working for you like a finely tuned machine.
Everyone wants to know what cameras to use and what gear will help them look magically better on camera. 

In this module you'll see the gear Greg is currently using himself, as well as the recommended gear his clients use to produce snackable videos for their businesses. 
Getting your videos online, and optimized for each of the social platforms is more important than ever. You can't just post the same video with the same titles and captions everywhere anymore. 

In this module Greg breaks down every platform and what is working right now when uploading your videos to Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter and LinkedIn. 
This one concept has allowed Greg to build a global brand that reaches 10's of thousands of people everyday. He calls it Distribution 2.0 and is the biggest untapped opportunity for every business owner right now, if you know what to do, what to create and where to look. 

Luckily, Greg will break it down for you and show you how to get other people to share your videos and content with their audiences to amplify your efforts and get you unstoppable momentum that will move you to the top of your market virtually overnight.
Join The Virtual Video Producer Today And Get Instant Access To The Entire Snackable Branding System Training Class
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-Ella Rivkin, Best-Selling Author, CPA and Founder, It's All In Your Hands
Creating snackable videos with Ambitious helped to make my business stronger, and even brought me more business. I’m excited to share my new snackable video content with my clients. I believe that if you know something, then it’s important to share it with everyone, and using video is the best way to do this.

The team at Ambitious is unbelievable, and Greg is amazing! He made me feel very comfortable, and helped eliminate any or self-doubt I had, and the Ambitious crew really made me feel like I was at home with family.
Always Know "What To Do Next"
Inclusive Business Coaching With Greg Rollett Will Not Only Tell You Exactly What To Do, But Hold You Accountable So You Get It Done And Enjoy Your Profits
Next Level Business Coaching In The Palm Of Your Hands
Get Every Update, Every Lesson, Every Golden Nugget And Action Step To Grow Your Business Right On Your Mobile Phone With The Greg Rollett Inner Circle App
High Performers and Ambitious Entrepreneurs are on the go, and need information "in the now." So we custom built a coaching app that works on Apple and Android devices to give you what you need, when you need it. 

In addition to the app, we house everything and post regular updates, ideas, insights and articles in a private Facebook Community so you can meet other members and get updates right from within Facebook.
Monday Missions
As an Inner Circle Member, every Monday morning I will send you an audio recording with your mission for the week. This is an action item that is specifically designed to help you get more clients, more visibility or more freedom. That way you know exactly what you need to do in order to design your Ambitious Client Business. 

No more guessing. Just follow my prompts and take massive action towards achieving your goals. 
Text-In Tuesdays
Every Tuesday you will get a text from me to “text-in” and let me know what you are doing this week to get closer to your goals. I personally reply and respond to everyone with specific action steps and ideas to help you if you are stuck and push you when you are tired. 

These “text-ins” will push you to reach your goals and give you no excuse not to achieve them. 
5-Minute Fridays
Every Friday I will send you accountability questions to help you reach your goals faster. This is your opportunity to let me personally coach you and help you faster. 

Whether you need a connection or introduction, motivation to finish a project, guidance on next steps, or just want to tell someone about your victories for the week, this quick 5-minute Friday Accountability session will show you just how far you have come and give you the blueprint to get you exactly where you need to go. 
Live Coaching Sessions
Every month I will be going live to answer your biggest media and marketing questions, review your videos, campaigns, funnels and more. You will have an opportunity to submit materials for me to look over in advance of the call and also participate in live Q&A during the live sessions. This is your direct access to have me work on your business as if I was your CMO or in-house media and marketing department.

Every session is recorded and put into your Inner Circle Mobile App to watch or listen to on demand. Watch past sessions right away in the Inner Cirlce app.
Join The Virtual Video Producer Today And Start Creating The Snackable Videos That Will Position You As The Celebrity Expert® And Allow You To Build The Business That Will Power Your Life
The investment to join the Virtual Video Producer is only $497/mo. We made the investment extremely low so that you can finally get elite level services no matter the size of your business. 

Click the blue button below to join The Virtual Video Producer and get instant access to the current set of video concepts, access to the Inner Circle App, the Facebook Group and your onboarding call with Greg!
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