‘Virtual girlfriend’ video game becomes an online sensation, making it one of the biggest in the world

The virtual girlfriend video game, which has generated so much buzz online that it’s even been called the biggest online phenomenon, is finally going global, and it has become an online phenomenon.Gafas is a video game developed by an anonymous programmer and his girlfriend, and features a young couple who find themselves at the center […]

Virtual Audio: Why do some people love virtual audio?

The most common complaint about virtual audio is that it can be confusing and overwhelming.Many people have trouble understanding what they’re getting into, but the real problem is that the audio in the world is often not what it seems.The problem is often that it sounds like something you’ve heard before, but it’s not.Here’s how […]

What’s on tap for Super Bowl 50?

It’s a big day for the Super Bowl, as the Denver Broncos take on the New England Patriots in Super Bowl XLVIII.But the festivities don’t end there.It’s time to watch the Superbowl live in HD on CNN. As we prepare for the big day, here’s what you need to know about what’s on display in the […]

Which movie will you watch in virtual reality?

With virtual reality becoming a popular trend in movie theaters, many theaters have begun to offer the experience to patrons in virtual spaces.But in order to really see the movie, one must buy a ticket.So it may come as a surprise to many that virtual reality can be more than a movie.The new technology allows […]

Tamil virtual videos: What’s new in realidade

Realidade, the company that makes the Tamil-language version of Virtual Reality, is pleased to announce the latest version of its Tamil Virtual Video (RTV) app.Realidada says the RTV app has now reached the point where users can view and share all the content that the RTL version of the app allows.Users can choose to watch, […]

Microsoft Virtual Orchestra – ‘Parasoft’ (Part 2)

Microsoft’s Virtual Orchestra is back, and it’s bringing some new music and a new look.The upcoming title is titled Parasoft: Virtual Orchestra, and according to the trailer, the game will be a “game changer” in terms of visuals, sound, and more.Parasoulers have been a staple of the Microsoft brand since the 1990s, but their popularity […]


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