How the Trump Presidency Became a Disaster for the Middle Class

By Jonathan Turley—A few weeks after Donald Trump’s election, one of his top advisers, former Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski, launched a new organization, The National Review.

The group’s slogan was “the opposition party that defends the American people.”

And it seemed to be working.

In an effort to make the most of the White House, Trump took a page from his own playbook by creating a new think tank, the National Security Council, that would focus on policy and national security issues, like cybersecurity and foreign policy.

As the administration was working to remake itself around Trump, Lewandowski began developing a new approach to the news media, the New York Times reported.

Lewandowski and Trump were in constant contact.

Trump told the Times he wanted a new news organization to “be more of a news organization than a think tank.”

He asked Lewandowski to help develop a new slogan for the organization: The Resistance Party.

The New York Post reported that the new organization was formed in mid-January with Lewandowski at its helm.

The Daily Caller, a conservative news site, described Lewandowski as “one of the most influential political operatives in the country” and said he “has been at the forefront of a strategy to build an opposition-leaning alternative media network, known as the New Nationalist.”

The New Nationalists would have been a “mainstream media alternative” to “the media elite, the Washington establishment, the Beltway elites, the media, and the corporate media.”

Trump had set out a new direction for the New Republic and his team of right-wing ideologues.

They would focus their energies on defeating “the Establishment” by “educating” and “educationalizing” the American public.

He had created a new media company called the National Review to promote his message.

The new organization would be “opposition-oriented.”

But they would also have to be “the voice of the American People.”

And they would be a “new voice” that would “defend the American Nation from all enemies, foreign and domestic.”

A few days later, the new company was formally launched.

The website read like a blueprint for the new, populist American opposition.

It featured a video by Lewandowski of Trump and his wife, Melania, discussing the upcoming inauguration and Trump’s plan to “defeat the establishment.”

And there was a video featuring a montage of images of Trump’s family, including his children, Donald Jr., Ivanka, Eric, and Barron.

One of the videos, featuring the Trump children, showed them standing on the Whitehouse steps in January as they were preparing for their first inauguration.

“The New Nationalism, the Resistance Party,” read the subtitle on the video.

The video also included a video of Trump holding a microphone, where he spoke with a group of protesters.

“They’re all standing there, and they’re talking about the ‘New Nationalist’ movement,” Trump said.

“And they’re standing up.

And they’re being told by the media that we’re going to go after them.

And I think it’s going to be really exciting.

It’s going be really, really interesting.

I think we’re gonna win.”

Trump added that he was going to have a “very nice speech” on the subject.

The president was “going to have the speech of a revolution,” Lewandowski told The New Yorker’s Ryan Lizza in January.

“He’s going, ‘Oh, this is a revolution, we’re not gonna lose.

We’re going, we’ll do what we have to do to win.'”

The president had promised that he would “end the Establishment” and his “globalist friends,” according to a leaked email obtained by WikiLeaks.

Lewbach said that he hoped to “make the opposition party the voice of America.”

And he had a vision for how to do it: “You’re going have an opposition party.”

It was the beginning of what would become a three-pronged strategy for the White Houses new media arm, the Trump Resistance.

The Resistance would work to “educate” Americans and the public.

The resistance would also use “education” to promote the resistance’s agenda and “media-savvy” commentators.

The strategy would be similar to that employed by the New Media, which emerged in the early 1990s to champion the left’s agenda on the media.

But instead of using “news,” as opposed to news analysis, the resistance would employ “commentary,” which was designed to push the news agenda.

It was a “movement” designed to make “all news outlets more pro-Trump.”

“It’s not just that we have a message,” Lewbach told The Daily Beast.

“We have a strategy.

We are going to educate the American populace.”

As The Daily Wire reported, “the new group has launched a digital propaganda operation designed to spread the Resistance’s message on social media and YouTube, as well as engage in social media campaigns on Twitter, Facebook, and


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