VH1 ‘The Big Picture’ premieres: The first gay movie on TV

VH-1 ‘Big Picture’ debuts: The opening credits of a new gay film.

(Photo: VH Productions)VH1’s The Big Picture, premiering Sept. 19, was the most expensive show to air on VH in a decade, with the network’s highest-rated telecast in two years.

The 10-episode show premiered on Vh1 with a 30-second commercial featuring two men talking about the importance of sex.

The episode also featured the first time VH aired a gay marriage ad.

VH had previously shown a lesbian couple kiss.

The show also featured two lesbian couples in a threesome.

The trailer for the film has been viewed more than 10 million times.

The Big Parade of Love, a 30th anniversary film celebrating the 50th anniversary of the Supreme Court decision in Loving v.

Virginia, also will be shown on VHS.

A lesbian couple has married in the film.

The new VH series is expected to be more ambitious, with more episodes to be produced, according to Variety.

The network’s parent company Viacom (VIA) owns and operates VH, which is one of the most popular television networks in the United States.

Viacoms top-rated cable channel, Nickelodeon, has been under the VH banner for two decades, and the network is still in business.

Vihs parent company, CBS Corp., has been criticized for its ratings and ratings-based policies, including a ratings policy that required networks to keep ratings consistent through the decades.

CBS’ “60 Minutes” has had a lesbian wedding and has aired gay-themed episodes on its programming.

The decision to air the film comes amid renewed controversy over the lack of acceptance and acceptance of gay people in the media and entertainment industry.

In a statement released by the network on Tuesday, the network said it was committed to promoting diversity in the industry.

“VH-I will continue to show our love and support for the LGBTQ community and for all who are brave enough to be themselves,” VH said.

The move comes a few months after CBS’ parent company said it would stop airing gay-oriented programming, including “60 minutes.”

In July, the “60 minute” series “Happy Endings,” which featured a lesbian relationship between two women, was pulled after the network learned that the series’ star, Candice Bergen, is a lesbian.

VHS has been a major source of revenue for CBS and Viacomp since the 1980s.

CBS owns VH and has long promoted the network as a prime source of original programming for the American people.


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