How to make your phone a virtual reality video swapper – TechRadar

A new app from the makers of virtual reality goggles is making video switchers an affordable, convenient and fun way to record your favorite moments.

The company behind the virtual video switter app is called The Verge.

The app is designed to be an immersive virtual reality experience, allowing users to capture and share a variety of video from different angles.

Users can upload their own clips from different perspectives, and then add a voice to narrate each video.

For example, you can ask a friend to narrating your best shot while your phone is being used as a camera.

Once the app is installed, the voice is sent to your phone, and the camera is mounted to your wall, so you can capture the video as it plays.

The Verge’s product page explains the purpose of the app, saying that “video switcher allows you to share your video to anyone, anywhere in the world in the time it takes to record.”

Users can even upload videos from multiple viewpoints and then create multiple videos to share in the app.

In order to start recording videos, the Verge suggests users make their phone their “virtual reality video camera.”

This will require the user to enable a video switer in the Settings app, then add the voice to the video swiper.

Users then add videos from different viewpoints and voice to their switcher and watch them.

The Verge notes that the voice will be used to provide the context for each video, and will also act as a narrator for the video.

In addition, The Verge recommends that users use the switcher to take video of their family and friends, as well as a variety “fun and creative” moments in their homes.

The app also lets users share their videos with friends via Facebook, Twitter and Snapchat.

Users also have the option to “listen to and share” the audio and video.

The company has also created an audio/video switer app for iPhones that allows users to share videos and audio in a way that’s “just right for you.”

The Verge has not yet released any videos, but a video of one user capturing a moment from his family’s wedding captured a lot of interest.

You can check out the video below.


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