The ‘VR headset’ that makes you forget about your phone

You can now buy a virtual reality headset that lets you forget your phone and watch videos with your phone instead.

The VR headset, which is being sold by VR specialist VR Labs, is the brainchild of the same man behind the virtual phone that you see on your iPhone.

The device uses a pair of headphones that are paired with a pair, which are then used to track the position of the headset.

If you’re not in a VR headset but the headset detects you are, it will turn on and you’ll be able to interact with the headset, according to the product’s website.

VR Labs’ “virtual bonfires” are one of the company’s best-selling VR headsets, which let users experience virtual fires.

The virtual bonfires were also featured in the recent film “The Legend of Tarzan.”

VR Labs is offering the VR headset for £350, and the price includes the “bonfire hub” device.

You can buy the VR bonfire hub at the VR Labs website.

There are three models: the $150 “virtual hub,” the $175 “virtual phone” and the $200 “virtual camera” VR headsets.

The $175 headset has the most features, including a built-in webcam, built-on mic and a built in microphone for voice recognition.

It also comes with a Bluetooth keyboard and mouse.

The “virtual smartphone” has a larger screen, a builtin microphone and a wireless keyboard.

The price is also $150 less than the $300 “virtual console,” but the “virtual tablet” costs $200 more.

The headset is designed to work with Google Cardboard, a new virtual reality platform created by Google.

Google’s Cardboard headset is the most expensive of the headsets, but the virtual camera is only $150 more than the virtual console.

The headsets were originally launched in November 2017, but now the price has gone up to $400.

You might want to look into the headset before you buy, however, as the company has not confirmed a release date for the headset or if it will be available at launch.

The company also does not say if the headset will be sold at all, or if you’ll need to buy the device for it to work.

The Oculus Rift, the company that has been making virtual reality headsets for years, has yet to make a VR phone.

The original version of Oculus Rift was launched in October 2016, and is currently available for $599.

It has a 4K display, a headset that has a touchscreen and an infrared light bar.

Oculus VR also launched a “portable VR headset” for $399.

The Rift costs $400 more than Oculus Rift but offers the same amount of functionality.

Oculus is now also launching its “portables” in the form of the Oculus Home VR platform.

This version of the Rift costs around $100 more, but it also includes a more powerful GPU and the ability to use the headset for a long period of time.

The most expensive VR headset is currently the $600 Oculus Rift Plus, which costs $999.

The cheapest is the $400 Oculus Touch, which has been out since January 2017.

The majority of the “porta-pods” are priced at $250 and above, with the most affordable of the devices costing just $30.

If the “Porta-Pod” is your thing, you might want the $100 Oculus Touch.

The Touch is a $99 wireless phone that lets users send messages, send music and control music playback.

You don’t need a PC to use it, but you will need a wireless card reader to do so.

Oculus Rift has yet in fact launched an app for the device, but has promised to launch an SDK for developers to use with the device at a later date.

There have been a number of other virtual reality products launched by VR Labs in the past, but none have been as successful as this.

There’s no word yet if VR Labs will continue with its “virtual desktops” business after this.

VR Lab is the second VR company to launch a headset, after the $60 Samsung Gear VR, which launched in May.


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