How to Make a New Facebook Video Using The Oculus Rift & Oculus Touch 3D app

Oculus is the VR headset that is best for the Oculus Rift VR headset, with its full-body immersion and high-fidelity motion tracking, and the Oculus Touch controller for controllers, and even better for VR goggles.

That’s why we’ve built a guide to make a Facebook video using Oculus Touch and Oculus Rift with the Oculus SDK.

We’ll show you how to create a Facebook VR video in about two minutes and a few steps on this guide, with a few tips to make the video better.

Here’s what you need:1.

A computer2.

A VR headset3.

Oculus Rift4.

Oculus Touch3D app5.

Your favorite Facebook friends and familyTo get started, you need to download the Oculus Oculus SDK, available for Windows, Mac, and Linux.

You can download the full version here.

If you’re on a Mac or Linux, head to the Oculus website and download the latest Oculus SDK (version 4.0.0).

If you’re using Windows, you can download it here.

Open the Oculus application, click the Oculus icon on the desktop, and choose “Tools.”

Click “Setup,” and then “Import Oculus SDK.”

If you don’t have the Oculus VR SDK installed, you’ll need to install it, then install the Oculus Universal SDK (if you’re not already).

Open the OculusUniversal SDK (right-click on Oculus and choose Open) and choose your OS from the dropdown menu.

Select “Oculus Universal SDK.”

Click the “Browse All” button to find the Oculus Developer Tools.

Click “Ovr.”

In the “Import” window, choose “OVR Universal SDK” and choose the Oculus Studio SDK.

In the “Build” window that appears, select the “Ovram Studio” folder and click “Create a new Oculus VR Video.”

The build window will appear.

You’ll need a few things:You’ll also need to build a Facebook post in Oculus Touch, so download the Facebook Oculus SDK and download “Ovs Touch.”

Click on the Oculus logo to launch the Oculus App Launcher.

Open the “Post” menu.

From the menu, select “New.”

Click a “Post.”

Choose a title and description, then click “Send.”

When the post is ready, click “Submit.”

Your post will be created.

The post you created will be displayed in the Oculus Video Preview window, with the “Open” button next to it.

Click the Save button to save the post and return to the main page.

You can also share the video directly with friends and loved ones on Facebook using the Oculus Facebook Video app, and they can share it using Oculus Photos, the Oculus Camera app, the Rift Camera app on Windows and Mac, or Facebook’s mobile app.

You’ll need both the Oculus Runtime SDK and the Facebook SDK installed.

If this guide was helpful to you, please share it with your friends.

We’d love to see your creations.


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