I am a virgin at 31 and a virgin ever since I was a kid. Now I am going to become a man

A 32-year-old woman has become the first woman in India to become the country’s first man, becoming the first person to become India’s first married man since Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced his “Virat Kohli Man-Boy” programme in 2015.

Namaste, a woman in her mid-30s, was married to a man at the age of 31 and became the first Indian man to be officially recognised as a woman.

In 2016, the Indian government passed a law allowing people to get married on their 30th birthday.

Since then, the country has been on a steady path to equality and has become a destination for millions of foreigners.

But the move has not gone unnoticed.

Many people say that the decision to celebrate the milestone as a man is just another move by the Modi government to ensure that it is the first step in its ambitious “Virus Zero 2020” drive.

The prime minister has also stated that India will be a “zero gender” country by 2030.

But a survey published last month by the National Sample Survey Organisation, a government agency, revealed that only 8% of Indians surveyed were happy with the decision and that most people were not happy with it either.

India’s top women’s rights organisation has also come out in support of the move, with a statement on Tuesday saying that the prime minister’s move is “a major step towards equality”.

It said that women in India have not had the opportunity to get the chance to get engaged to men, and now the prime minster has chosen to be their man.

Narendra Modi’s ‘Virus-Zero 2020’ initiative to encourage men to get involved in Indian politics, will see men and women of all ages, ages, genders and backgrounds participating in politics.

The organisation said that “Viral Zero 2020 will be celebrated on March 29.

There will be three phases, two of which will focus on the gender equality agenda, and one will focus only on the men’s agenda.”

In 2019, the government introduced the countrys first ‘Men-in-First-Female-President’ campaign, in which women who became the nation’s first female president were asked to put their name forward for the post.

Women were asked for their candidature and they were asked not to disclose their names, which was to be used for voting.


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