NBA virtual: Cavs vs. Nets virtual video card

LeBron James, the Cleveland Cavaliers’ star player, is getting a virtual basketball game to cheer him on during a game in Brooklyn. 

But before the game begins, the Cavs will have to get into their virtual home, which they’ll be able to access through a browser plugin. 

The game, which the Cavs said was “a collaboration between the Cavs, the Nets and NVIDIA,” is available now on the NBA’s virtual home video platform. 

While the Cavs have been using the virtual home since last month’s NBA Finals, it’s been available only in Cleveland for the past few weeks.

The Cavs will use their Nets home in Brooklyn for the game. 

Cleveland coach Tyronn Lue said during a press conference at Barclays Center on Monday that the Cavs plan to get some fans in Brooklyn to get involved with the game on a small scale. 

“We have a plan for what we’re going to do,” Lue told reporters. 

Lue said there will be at least 15,000 Nets fans in attendance, including the team’s head coach, Baron Davis, and players who were in Brooklyn before the Cavs beat the Brooklyn Nets 107-97 on Sunday. 

There will also be around 50 Nets fans, who will be given tickets to the game as a gift from Cavs fans. 

NBA officials said the Nets will have a booth inside the Barclays Center for the virtual game.

There will be two NBA-branded virtual basketball games: NBA LIVE 17, a one-on-one game that will take place at Barclays Arena, and NBA 2K17, a multiplayer game.

The games will be available in November for the Xbox One and PC.

The NBA said the virtual video game will also include a “basketball player experience” in which players can shoot, shoot, and score on virtual basketballs. 

Players will be able shoot, score, and make a variety of shots as they face a variety, varying, NBA player. 

(MORE: NBA Basketball: What We Know Now)NBA players will be getting virtual basketball training during the games. 

A player will be in a virtual room with a trainer and coach in Brooklyn, and they will have access to a training room, a bench, a trainer’s table, and a virtual court. 

In the game, players can score points by hitting shots in real time on the virtual basketball. 

Game servers are located in Brooklyn and Los Angeles, with the NBA using its own servers. 

An NBA official told reporters that the game is only available in Cleveland and Brooklyn, but that it could expand to other cities in the future. 

We’ve got an NBA game in our home. 

And there’s a new game coming up that’s a collaboration between us and NVIDIA.

We’ll be introducing that one to Cleveland, to Brooklyn.

We’re not going to reveal what it is, but we’re excited about it. 

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