Which players can you trust to make the most of their opportunities?

Video game players are the most trusted ones when it comes to social media, according to a new study.

The researchers, from the University of Cambridge and Harvard Business School, asked 3,600 UK-based game players how they used their social media accounts and how their friends use them, to gauge how good they were at sharing content.

The results show players using their social networks the most, followed by people who use their friends’ networks.

Video game players also had the most engagement on their social channels, with almost three quarters of those surveyed saying they had at least one post on their personal account, compared to around one-quarter of all the participants.

But the biggest advantage to players using the social media platforms was their ability to engage and communicate with their peers.

This is partly due to how the platforms work, the study found.

They’re not always the best at communicating, but they’re a lot better than people who are more likely to be just reading and watching videos.

The biggest difference between players using video games and non-gamers is that they’re less likely to use social media to organise their lives.

Players use their own accounts to organise what they want to do with their time, to organise social events and to communicate with friends.

This is important because it means players are less likely than others to lose contact with their family and friends, or to be unable to access social media.

Players also had lower levels of satisfaction with their social life than non-gameers, with only 37 per cent saying they were satisfied, compared with 60 per cent of players who were using a gaming service such as Facebook or Twitter.

This lack of satisfaction is also evident among non-players, who have been found to have more negative feelings about their own lives.

Overall, there is a large amount of social anxiety for players and it’s important to think about how players can better cope with it.

However, players can make use of these experiences to improve their own social life.

The study also found that many players are comfortable using the platform to share positive messages, which may help them to feel more at ease in the future.

The authors of the study, who include social psychologist Stephen Jones, say the study is an important one that sheds light on the social lives of gamers.

The research is published in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology.

The full article: What is Social Media and why does it matter?


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