Virtual reality has no place in schools

VIDEO: The virtual world may not be for kids anymore.But if you want to keep up with what’s happening in the real world, virtual reality is an option.And with a new generation of virtual reality headsets and other virtual reality gadgets, you might want to take a look at what’s going on with the world […]

Which virtual boxing video headset is best?

Virtual video goggles are a bit of a hit with sports fans, with some sports stars getting into the act.They allow users to see the action live and are a popular option for spectators when watching sporting events, such as cricket matches.There are currently three VR headsets on the market, including the Oculus Rift and […]

How to make the perfect VR video

Virtual reality is rapidly changing the way we look at the world.As the technology becomes more accessible, the way in which we interact with our surroundings has also changed.Today, people use their smartphones and tablets to take photos, record videos, and take virtual tours of the real world.VR is the next big step in making […]

Why you should buy a $1.2 million PC today

It’s not the most glamorous investment but, at $1,300, a gaming PC is not an outlandish amount of money to make.That’s the amount a brand new gaming PC costs to buy, which is a bit of a feat when you consider it’s only a $100 price tag compared to the $600-$700 price tag for a […]

How to buy a virtual broncoscope in the US – video

Virtual bronchoscope, a type of device used to help people see inside the lungs, is becoming more and more popular as doctors worldwide try to diagnose and treat cancer patients. The device is still not a universal product, and its makers have had to develop different methods for making it work, such as putting electrodes inside […]


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